Private Sessions

These sessions are tailored to your unique make-up and applied to help you maintain your state of balance.


Utilizing the tools of mindfulness and yoga to support you through your journey to well-being.


Mindful movement, breath-work & meditation, some of the tools provided by the practice of Yoga, can assist with a variety of issues causing imbalances or illness, it is particularly effective practiced complementary to other forms of health care, both alternative and conventional.

What to Expect

Session 1

The first session is a ‘getting to know you’ meeting, in which we start the conversation, to understand a bit about your history, wishes and motivations.

Session 2

We will also work together to assess your movement, posture and breath, so that we can have indication of where you are at, building upon this, we will develop your individual program and determine how we can work together.


Sessions 3, 4, 5 and 6

We begin with your personally tailored programme, including elements such as movement, breath and relaxation to implement some of the observations from the first two sessions and then exploration, feedback, review and any adjustments to your tailored programme.


I usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions initially to help you make the most of the therapeutic benefits. We can then discuss follow up sessions.


Private 90-minute session  | 75 € 

Packages 90-minute sessions

4 Session Block Booking   | 280 €

6 Session Block Booking   | 408 €

8 Session Block Booking   | 520 €

Private 60-minute session | 60 € 

Packages 60-minute sessions

4 Session Block Booking   | 232 €

6 Session Block Booking   | 330 €

8 Session Block Booking   | 400 €

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